review members
for COVID-19

Taiwan Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia Research Network and Database
Scientific Review Committee

Service UnitsName
1National Health Research InstitutesHuey Kang Sytwu Deputy Dean
2National Health Research Institutes,Institute of Infectious Diseases and VaccinesH W Chen Deputy Director
3Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia SinicaDr LinYi-Ling
4Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology,Academia Sinica Wu H C
5Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou Child Health Research DepartmentDr Huang YC
6Chang Gung University,Department of Biotechnology and Laboratory Science in MedicineDr.Shih SR
7Taipei Veterans General Hospital,Division of Infectious DiseaseDr Fu-Der Wang
8Tri-Service General Hospital,Infectious DiseasesDr Feng-Yee Chang
9China Medical University Hospital,Infectious DiseasesDr Kao-Pin Hwang
10Taichung Veterans General Hospital,Infectious DiseasesDr Liu PY
11Kaoshiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital,Department of Internal MedicineLi Zhenxiang Deputy Minister
12Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital ,Department of Internal MedicineDr CHEN Yao-Shen
13Taiwan Food and Drug AdministrationDr Chao-YiWang
14Ministry of Health and Welfare ,Taiwan Center for Disease ControlJiang Zhengrong Deputy Director
15Industrial Development Bureau, MOEAHenman Lee Deputy Team Leader
16Technical Service,Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C Dai Jiancheng Section Chief

Announcement Day:2020/03/03