Review board

Review Board Committee Members

NameService unit Expertise
1Huey Kang Sytwu
National Health Research InstitutesBasic Research in Immunomedicine and Biomedicine
2Shiu-Feng Huang National Health Research InstitutesPathology and Biobank
3Walter Lin National Health Research InstitutesOncology and Clinical Trials
4Li-Tzong Chen National Health Research InstitutesOncology and Clinical Trials
5Chih-Cheng HsuNational Health Research InstitutesGeriatric Medicine, Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease
6Yi-Hsin Yang National Health Research InstitutesBiostatistics and Medical Information
7Chih-Hsin YangNational Taiwan University HospitalOncology and Clinical Trials
8Yang, Hwai-IAcademia SinicaPublic Health Research
9Yu-Sun ChangChang Gung UniversityBasic Research in Biomedicine
10 Eric Y. ChuangNational Taiwan UniversityBiostatistics and Genomics Medicine
11Yueh-Ping Liu Ministry of Health and WelfareChildren's Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Medical Regulations
12Chih-hsing HoAcademia SinicaLaw, Medical Ethics and Privacy and Data Protection Law
13Shein-Chung ChowDuke UniversityBiostatistics and Clinical Trials
14Xie, Fu-XingUniversity of California, Davis; UC DavisBiostatistics and Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
15Shiuhpyng ShiehNational Chiao Tung UniversityInfocom Security

Announcement Day:2020/01/31